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The Address Validation Service designed to decrease non deliverable mail items. Nowadays with hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses it is a good idea economically to periodically have your lists run through an address validation service; if for no other reason than to stick on to USPS standards. Over many is reportedly wasted on printing ,postage, employee wages from bad addresses.

The post office reports 33% of all addresses contain errors. Address errors are caused by a huge number of reasons like:

User Error

Over time your data reliability is lost. Many resources are wasted by using these unreliable data. It also affect the marketing strategy because the target of these strategies are non existent customers. What Address Validation will do is increase deliver-ability with Delivery Point Validation (a part of the Coding Accuracy Support System or CASS process) by:

  • Tagging good records
  • Allowing the remaining records to be culled from the data into a separate file.

Data does not have to be missing. In this way non deliverable can be kept divide from the good data and money can be saved on mailing campaigns. CASS processed addresses could also be eligible for postal discounts. This could save upto 45% of the mailing cost in a few cases.

Address Validation is a unique address entry verification service able of checking and correcting addresses. By ensuring that all latest address entries are free from errors, this service gives confidence in the continued reliability of your database. Our address validation is a big support for your web browser.

With our address validation service, it is possible to complete, structure,correct and validates address information. Address validation makes use of the globally accepted XML standard and is completely interactive as all communication is done over the internet. All the software that is necessary to generate the address validation is located and maintained on AND servers so that the data is always up to date. Our address validation service enables:

On-line address structuring

At also enables the on-line validation of address input so assuring the storage of precise address information in your database.