Outsource Data Conversionto NexGen

Maintain Accuracy in Data Conversion

NexGen Data Entry is really concerned about maintaining the relationship with clients through customer-oriented services that are highly flexible in nature and risk free. We ensure that you have a smooth decision making process which is only possible when you have quality and efficacy of document data conversion services. The information management system gets enhanced with the highest standards service that is delivered through our quality team members.

Why choose us for Outsourcing Data Conversion Services?

  • Make use of latest technology
  • Affordable pricing strategy
  • 00% client satisfaction
  • Conversion of data without any modifications
  • Secure as well as confidential data conversion
  • Error free conversion

We have served different industry verticals like commercial services firms, research firms, E-businesses, banks, engineering firms, insurance firms, Manufacturing firms, Schools and Universities and others with our top quality data conversion services. Our error free online data entry solutions give you the opportunity to expand your business and also generate more revenue. Our years of experience help us deliver unmatched solutions to customers who are eager to reach to the top position in the industry.

TEXT/TXT Conversion Process of NexGen Data Entry:

You need to send your text conversion requirements along with samples
Free trial service will be offered to customer
Our experts will be in charge of evaluating your requirements and will identify the ideal process
Once delivered we tend to receive client's feedback
We confirm the process flow, cost and also the project delivery time once it is approved

Whether you want to opt for custom text conversion services or customer driven solutions, our outsourcing model is ready to offer you with flexible offshore data entry services that are highly advanced and our state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us deliver you with error free results. We have solutions for every budget that gives the opportunity for small as well as big firms to avail our services.

Benefits of outsourcing data conversion services to us:

  • Fast and reliable results
  • State of the art data conversion software and system is being used
  • Experts and talented professionals are available who are ready to handle your documents
  • Cost effective services that comes with the guaranteed 60% reduction in operation cost
  • Customized services offered that is tailored according to client's requirements

Offshore image processing, data conversion, data capture services, ICR, OCR clean up, coding for website, web data extraction are some of the high end services offered by our talented and skilled professionals. Our services are designed with the idea of allowing you to refine your conversion strategy, extract metadata, and transform legacy and future documents as per your needs of the present and future. We are the pioneer in outsource image processing services and data conversion that helps to deliver comprehensive service which matches your corporate needs.