NexGen Data Entry possesses an extraordinary range of advanced infrastructure facilities, which is significant for accomplishing the result of multiple outsourced projects. The well-designed infrastructure facilities create a smoother and comfortable working environment for the employees, resulting in the elimination of any kind of hassles. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at NexGen Data Entry is well-assisted by the modernized technological advancements.

We strongly believe that data of our clients carry greater importance and thus, it should be safeguarded under the finest set of data security measures. To protect your data (input or output), we have instilled the commendable and efficient data security and infrastructure evaluations.

We guarantee the best functioning of the network infrastructure facility

Though we have a prime headquartered office, we also do have two back-up offices, which will ensure to meet the client’s demands, in case of an emergency. Our services are talk-of-the-global market as we offer the quality-enriching services with complete protection on-time. The utilization of the state-of-the-art technologies is the backbone reason for our on-time achievement of a customer-satisfied result.

Brand New Infrastructure

We employ both the operational and recreational infrastructure for the overall improved business functioning. We have a set of specialized software which assists our clients in generating the desired on-time result. Every department has their own specific infrastructural needs and we cater to their such requirements on a timely basis. From instilling an in-house conference room to having a library for recreational purpose, we ensure to create a friendly yet a professional business environment.

Data Security and Confidentiality

For initiating effective data safeguarding measures, we have an ISO certified Cyber Roam firewall, updated antivirus, dedicated backup servers, login credentials for every employee, high-end data encryption, biometrics, and banning the use of electronic devices (such as personal mobile phones, etc.) within the working area. Our foremost responsibility is to detect or eliminate any sort of malpractices or suspicious activities existing within the business premises.

Advanced Internet Connectivity

Our office is well-connected with the advanced internet facilities. It includes primary and secondary internet connectivity and progressive VPN technologies. These facilities ensure a hassle-free and secured transfer of data between the client and our team at NexGen Data Entry.

Other data security norms and measures include:
  • 24*7 CCTV monitoring
  • Signing the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
  • Biometric access to permitted officials
  • Disaster management technology
  • Better privacy policies
  • Backup generators and UPS
  • High-speed scanners and printers
  • Illegal access to computer systems is restricted
  • Video conference facilities

To avail our secured and affordable solutions and services, contact us right away at [email protected]. for further details on data cleansing!