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If you are looking for an organization, which can assure you of accurate and standard quality document conversion solutions, you are at the right place. We can help you handle your document conversion requirements. Document conversion from any document format into the exact format you need. Full support for HTML Conversion Services, XML, SGML, Word Processing and most others formats. Our document conversion professionals have years of experience in the field of document conversion and are highly skilled in scanning and converting a wide variety of documents.

Reliable, Cost-effective, Guaranteed Document Conversion Services

We professionals are expert and offer document conversion from virtually any format - HTML, XML, SGML Conversion, Word RTF files, Frame maker, Inter leaf and hundreds of others. Our sharp edge document conversion process guarantees you fully tailored results that are scalable to any production level. Here we can process a thousand pages, a million pages, or more- with each document, each word converted consistently, reliably, and on time. Support for most foreign languages including Latin based and double-byte characters.

Document Conversion Specialist Team of NexGen

Our expert support services ensure that documents delivered completely meet your needs.

  • Content Tagging - to support increasingly specialized requirements in a number of industries Including Aerospace, STM, Publishing and SPL conversion. Meta tagging - to your taxonomy
  • Meta Tagging - to your taxonomy
  • Redundancy Identification - in most document sets over 50% of the content is redundant. DCL's redundancy identification software finds the duplicates and helps you prepare your content more effectively for your content management system.
  • Data Harmonization - to fix and correct the "minor" variations from document to document, vastly improving content reuse potential. Other than this, we have expertise in converting any type of document into the format that you need. All you have to do is just ship the documents or scan and upload the documents to be changed. We will do the rest and give you your documents in the format that your wish.

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