Outsource OCR Conversion Services to NexGen

Superior OCR Conversion Services

At NexGen Data Entry Services, we use the advanced technologies and modern methods to provide cost-effective and better-quality OCR conversion services and data entry services. OCR cleanup service, one along with our data entry services, integrates the in-depth business proficiency and a variety of methodologies to provide highly accurate OCR services. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting an image of printed text into ASCII or Unicode. This process is highly sensitive and should be carried out with extreme care. As errors are deep-rooted in OCR process, we provide OCR cleanup services along with OCR services.

OCR services exclusively cannot meet the client requirement when the uppermost possible levels of accuracy have first priority. For this reason, we use latest commercially available OCR software to ensure most precise accuracy. At NexGen Data Entry Services, we perform OCR cleanup services to evaluate original documents against the OCR files to correct misread characters. OCR cleanup job are essential in the areas of tables, footnotes and technical data.

Why Outsource OCR Conversion Services to NexGen?

OCR output cleanup by trained technicians
OCR potentiality and our cleanup service includes quality control to make more accurate
Equipped with the newest high speed scanning equipment
Reduced cost services you will ever find anywhere
OCR clean-up, formatting and conversion to different text formats

OCR Cleanup & Conversion Process

At NexGen Data Entry Services OCR service and file clean-up services are designed to legally reproduce periodicals, books, manuals journals, hand written materials, and questionnaires into electronic formats. We are well equipped with high-end scanners and the best OCR technologies to meet the different requirements of our clients across the globe.

Our bilingual OCR software recognizes a large variety of fonts in various languages. By concerning this capability, we can clean up your OCR up to 99.99% accuracy and transfer into a format of your choice. The cost of OCR cleanup jobs differs depending on the excellence and nature of the printed text being scanned.

Sample OCR Conversion Projects catered by NexGen BPO

We have the limberness to meet any of your OCR cleanup processing requirements. NexGen BPO company undertake different kinds of OCR conversion project belonging to various business categories. Our OCR and OCR cleanup services can be applied in a numerous of data capture necessities such as:

Medical Forms
Insurance Forms
Bill Remittance Forms
Banking Forms
Bounded Bbooks
Survey Forms