With the rapid industrialization, there has been an increase in the customers as well as the market demands. This has forced most of the organizations to outsource their back office tasks to a perfect and renowned service provider. We at NexGen Data Entry Company, offer a wide range of committed and accurate delivery of data entry services, at an affordable rate. Outsourcing can help you to shape your services with the help of sophisticated infrastructure and contemporary technologies and software.

NexGen is best known for serving the top 5 industries:

Most of the hospitals find it of utmost importance to outsource the medical data entry and management services, as the number of IP and OP patients are increasing tremendously. Today, the healthcare sector is facing a huge pressure while dealing with the regulation management, consolidating the healthcare system, and managing the regulatory compliance.

  • Medical data entry
  • Medical transcription
  • Creating and maintain patient records
  • Data entry and documentation of the medical billing forms
  • Market research
  • Survey analysis
  • E-mail compilation
  • Data Capture
  • Scanning and Indexing
  • Insurance claim processing

With the emergence of the various e-commerce shopping online portals, the retail industry has witnessed a large and significant growth. NexGen is a popular retail outsource service provider, and we take the essential measures to reduce the operating cost savings with the effective financial planning and analysis.

  • Product data entry
  • Catalog processing
  • Image processing
  • Image data entry
  • Check processing
  • Document and digital scanning
  • Market research
  • Web survey
  • Database building
  • Enhancement of the customer list

Due to the increased regulation, globalization, and competition, the banking sector is one among the verticals to outsource their back office works. Today, the banking sector is facing an increased labor cost and a lack in achieving the complete accuracy. To avoid, such challenges, we help our banking and financial clients, with a unique and highly beneficial solution.

  • Data entry of checks
  • Review of the checks deposited, issued, cleared, and canceled
  • Creating bank account reconciliation reports
  • Transaction processing
  • Credit cards
  • Data entry of opening forms, pay slips, and other financial documents
  • Digitizing the records
  • Full and partial account reconciliation
  • Entering the bank details
  • Balance Sheet reconciliation
  • Scanning and indexing
  • Form processing

Real Estate
The real estate sector is highly inclined towards outsourcing their various needs such as residential and commercial evaluations, creation of client’s database, management of property and legal documents, and much more. To raise the customer satisfaction level and decrease the capital expenditure, the best alternative is to outsource your requirements.

  • Foreclosure service
  • Deed and mortgage entry
  • Mortgage claim processing
  • Title search and REO reports
  • Image processing
  • Photo scanning and digital scanning
  • Consulting for the disputes and litigations
  • Real estate data entry
  • Payroll processing

There has been an increasing gap between the technology and business enterprises. We will assist you with understanding and evaluating your IT needs, with a complete perfection. We will help you to maximize your return on the investment at a minimal cost.

  • Web development
  • Graphic designing and multimedia
  • Software development
  • Internet marketing
  • SEO
  • Web research
  • Data mining
  • Smartphone apps
  • Web data entry
  • Data processing
  • Document imaging systems
  • Data conversion