Outsource OCR and ICR Services To NexGen

OCR and ICR are crucial software that is used in data processing services. They are the most commonly used automated tools used to capture data for process huge volumes of data at a very high speed. At NexGen, we provide you the best data processing services by using OCR and ICR methods that help you maximize productivity of your business.

Making use of the modern advanced OCR/ICR technologies we can convert electronic files (Images in digital formats, PDF), scanned documents into searchable and editable data. These technologies help us for whole-text searching of phrases or words identifying their position within a document, for quick and easy retrieval, without the need to read through an entire document to find required information. With the help of these technologies document conversion and searches can be done far more efficiently reducing what use to take days or weeks to hours.

The benefits of OCR/ICR technology include:
Whole-text search results identify where key words are found and how they appear in context.
Locate files real fast, based on a phrase, word, date or subject matter that was not indexed.
Avoid the cost, time and effort of having staff manually type in and enter the data.
Data can be edited and shared across various applications to increase effectiveness of communications and workflow.

The efficiency of these technologies relies upon the original printed text quality. Standard quality printer gives accuracy of up to 99.95% accuracy. If your paper forms containing flow charts or tables then by making use of OCR/ICR technology we can format the text from your tables and flow charts. Graphics, pictures and drawing objects can also be formatted. Documents that have been processed with OCR/ICR appear identical as the original document but with the added advantage of the ability to edit and search.

OCR and ICR processing helps you save a lot of time and money by converting text images to widely recognized text characters. NexGen offers efficient document management services through its services like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) processing.

OCR and ICR tools read almost all type of printed text such as:

Letters in Uppercase and Lowercase
Accented Letters

Using the advanced OCR and ICR technologies, we offer you the capability to convert the paper documents into any format that are easy to organize, access and store like PDF, MS word, HTML, RTF ,TXT. The reason behind our successful stint in OCR & ICR processing is our exposure to clients across the world working in various industries. We follow a quality-focused approach with the sole objective of meeting client requirements.

OCR and ICR processing services are used in various data capturing requirements like:

Bank Forms
Research Forms
Online Forms
Medical and Patient Record Forms
Insurance Forms

If you outsource your OCR and ICR Processing requirements to us, you can save significant amount of money and time. There will be no need for you to spend on buying advanced tools and expert technicians to complete your OCR and ICR processing requirements.