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Image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, like a photograph or video frame; the result of image processing may be either an image or, a set of characteristics or parameters linked to the image. Most of the image-processing techniques incorporate serving the image as a two-dimensional signal and bidding standard signal-processing techniques to it.

Image Processing & Photo Editing Services

In general image processing refers to digital image processing, but visual and analog image processing also are attainable. It has two aspects, first is improving the visual manifestation of images to a human viewer, and second is preparing images for measurement of the feature and structure present. NexGen BPO company provides a number of digital photo processing and image editing services connected with various industry needs & business process managements. The image processing requirements or photo editing works may connected with the enhancement of product features, professionalism, improvement of impressiveness. Our photo editing professionals are equipped with latest photo editing software and image processing equipments. Companies can avail these image process resources available with NexGen BPO by outsourcing image processing and digital photo editing works.

Image Processing provides a detailed set of reference-standard algorithms with graphical tools for image processing, visualization, analysis, and algorithm development. Can restate noisy or distort images, enhance images for improved comprehensibility, analyze shapes and textures, extract features, and register two images.

Array of Image Processing Services

There is a fattening demand of image processing services in diverse application areas, such as:

Multimedia computing
Biomedical imaging
Secured image data communication
Texture understanding
Remote sensing
Pattern recognition
Image retrieval
Content based Image Retrieval

There are a large number of applications of image processing services in varied spectrum of human activities- from distantly sensed scene interpretation to bio medical interpretation. We have upgraded our image related outsourcing services from image to text data entry works to other image enhancement services.

Typical Image Processing Operations

Euclidean geometry transformations such as enlargement, rotation, and reduction
Color corrections such as color mapping, brightness and contrast adjustments, quantization, color balancing, or color translation to a different color space
Digital compositing or optical compositing (combination of two or more images), which is used in film-making to make a "matte"
Interpolation and retrieval of a full image from a raw image format using a Bayer filter pattern
Image registration, the arrangement of two or more images
Image changing and morphing
Image recognition, for example, may take out the text from the image using optical character identification or check box and bubble values using optical mark recognition
Image segmentation
High dynamic variety imaging by combining several images
Geometric hashing for 2-D object detection with affine invariance