Outsource Slide Scanning Services to NexGen

Most of the people generally shoot lots of photos and enjoy a few days, after that they keep the photos in the album or in the boxes or even lost some of them. Yes it is true that photos carry memories of the past. If you have these types of old photos or slide photos and you want to rectify it then we NexGen Data Entry services are here to help you out in this regards. Now you can start enjoying with your previous shoot photos captured some of your memorable days. You can now convert those photos into a digital format so that you can share with your friends and families.

Why NexGen is unique for slide scanning?

We at, NexGen are providing you a variety of slide scanning services so that you can preserve your old days memories. NexGen data entry services allows you to get back your old slide photos to CD or DVD format so that you can use it anywhere and everywhere you wish to recall your past memories. Slides are scanned in different formats like 2,000 or 4,000 dpi JPEG and it saved on the high quality 80 years archival DVDs. When we successfully complete the scanning your will be informed to check it for further processing. Our highly experience and skilled slide scanning professionals understand the value of our client’s project. Generally we never run any automated correction procedure. We always think there is a better way. We believe each and every slide you send to us need to be examined by our highly skilled professional team with good eye so that it can be built will utmost sincerity and clarity. At NexGen you are sure to be satisfied with our services.

Importantly your every single slide we get generally require some sort of correction for the effects, it has seen shifted color and scratched sometimes, until and unless you kept them in a good archival quality and conditions. We do not go for automated corrections we believe manually perform that only can give your slide a real life look. Some of the feature we use while doing slide scanning services are as follows:

Cropping and Rectification
Color Correction
Red-Eye Removal
Scratch and Dust Removal
Other Minor Damage Rectification

Get Color Slide Scanning Service by NexGen

Our Slide Scanning Services convert your slides as well as negatives into industry standard TIFT or JPEG image format not by other formats like Kodak’s Picture CD or Photo CD. This is the ideal time to make better transforming your previous slides to DVD. This is beyond doubt a great opportunity to preserve your old memories to your children and their children. So come to us and hire for an outstanding slide scanning services at an affordable rate with 100 percent reliable and trustworthy services.

In a nut shell, for your slide scanning our experts spend adequate time in each and every of your slide to give high standard effect, addressing all the issues and exceptional services that you can get your old days beautiful memories back. This service gives awesome quality in every of your slide, for just a little penny per slides. This is the way we generate new horizons of our enhanced customer satisfaction.