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Outsource Database Management Services

A well organized and up-to-date is an important factor in the marketing campaign of any firm. They can be used for various important purposes such as, to remind the clients of your services and offers, informing them about new additions and make sure that you are their choice for the next noteworthy project. Your database is also a major tool for controlling and coordinating your workload.

Having an up to date sales and marketing database is essential for ensuring your marketing efforts are concentrated on the right people. We can build a new database from external sources, capturing the data in any major file format such as :


Outsource Database Creation Services

Expand your database of prospective supporters for performing arts centers, charities, associations and more. The success of your efforts to acquire new patrons' donors or members is often directly correlated to the quality of the database used. NexGen BPO Company has expert team to cater various services connected to database creation & data management services required for your business process services. At Our service center, we have strong emphasis on the patron or member experience and an individualized approach to every conversation as we capture detailed contact information and note preferences on the types of events or activities they would like to be involved with and more.

Database Building Services

Build a Custom Database of prospective patrons, supporters or members for your organization, by uncovering individuals whose interests align with your nonprofit or association and capturing detailed information on them, which will give you a larger universe to

Database Management Services

Manage an existing database by reaching out to each contact in your database building, verifying the information is correct and updating it as appropriate so your marketing efforts truly lead to opportunities vs. wasted on contacts with out of date information. Understand Contact Preferences by capturing and documenting details on the types of activities and events they enjoy, enabling you to further tailor your marketing efforts to their interests. For performing arts centers, we also capture seating or venue preferences, frequency of attendance and more.

The major advantage of building your own database is that we can start with list building and at various places, add unique markers and get your questions answered that are specific to your domain, industry and product. This will help you to inspect analyze and plan long term strategies.

Outsource Database Management Services

Maximize the value of your database by using our comprehensive database management software, CUE (Centralize Understand Engage), to transform your database into a powerful decision engine which will reveal new connections and unlock the power of captured lead information. If you would like to get more information on Database Building services, please contact at [email protected].